Setting up a Windows machine for drivers and minifilters, testing and debugging using VirtualKD-Redux

All steps are to be executed in Administrative powershell/cmd.exe. We use the following color scheme to distinguish host and VM: 🟢 is Host 🔵 is VM. We have used the following tools in this post: WinDbg, VMware, and VirtualKD-Redux. 🟢 Disable Memory Integrity 🟢 Run bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off 🟢 Install VMware Download Windows and … Read more

How to avoid getting “phish”ed?

What is Phishing? In the computing world, phishing is just like fishing, except that the bait is a fraudulent message, and we are the reeled in fish🐟. Like a fisherman who knows what type of bait to use to reel in a specific fish, an attacker gathers as much information about you as they can … Read more

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