Supercharging Your Android App with Rust Native Libraries

Before you start reading, click here to clone the project. In the realm of Android app development, prioritizing code correctness and security is essential. While managed languages like Java and Kotlin are well-suited for Android app development, system-level programming often requires languages like C and C++. However, memory safety bugs in C and C++ pose … Read more

Actix Web Auto Docs with Utoipa & Swagger-UI

Introduction So you’ve made your shiny new server with all these fancy Endpoints. Now comes the question, How do you tell someone what to access? You could write your own documentation, but that would take far too long, and you would be prone to making errors. A much better solution is to generate the docs … Read more

Setting up a Windows machine for drivers and minifilters, testing and debugging using VirtualKD-Redux

All steps are to be executed in Administrative powershell/cmd.exe. We use the following color scheme to distinguish host and VM: 🟢 is Host 🔵 is VM. We have used the following tools in this post: WinDbg, VMware, and VirtualKD-Redux. 🟢 Disable Memory Integrity 🟢 Run bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off 🟢 Install VMware Download Windows and … Read more

How to avoid getting “phish”ed?

What is Phishing? In the computing world, phishing is just like fishing, except that the bait is a fraudulent message, and we are the reeled in fish🐟. Like a fisherman who knows what type of bait to use to reel in a specific fish, an attacker gathers as much information about you as they can … Read more

eBPF programming on Windows

eBPF is (now!) a cross-platform technology with origins in the Linux Kernel that can run sandboxed programs in a privileged context such as the operating system kernel. It is used to safely and efficiently extend the capabilities of the kernel without requiring to change kernel source code or write drivers with the native kernel APIs. … Read more

Getting your minifilter signed from Microsoft

Illustration by @Megha. Edited by @Freya Fannie. This document outlines the steps to get a minifilter signed by Microsoft, including registering for the Windows Hardware Dev Center program, purchasing an EV code signing certificate, and using the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) or Windows Hardware Lab kit (HLK) to run tests and submit a test … Read more

seccomp-pledge: Enforce principle of least privilege in Linux kernel

Pledge is like the forbidden fruit we all covet when the boss says we must use things like Linux. Why does it matter? It’s because pledge() actually makes security comprehensible. Linux has never really had a security layer that mere mortals can understand. — [Justine Tunney]( The Linux kernel is a powerful piece of software … Read more

Hiring at Subconscious Compute

Subconscious Compute has been hiring since 2018 and has found some wonderful talent🎉 (Meet the Subsonscious Team). We now have a continuous influx of interest from skilled individuals. As a first-time CTO, I believe I did a good job in hiring. This is a personal feeling, as I have nothing to compare it against. Nonetheless, … Read more

Engineering at Subconscious Compute

SubCom is a seed-stage startup. We are working on automating defense and compliance for devices and data that are spread out. This post is for people who are interested in joining us. It will give you an idea of what engineering at SubCom looks like, around early 2022. Intelligent Systems We build intelligent systems capable … Read more

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